Bluejacket & Arsenal Restaurant

Bluejacket Brewery
Bluejacket & Arsenal Restaurant
Bluejacket was built to be a brewery without boundaries, allowing beer director Greg Engert and his team of brewers to create beers across the broadest range of styles and flavors possible. At Bluejacket, understanding of and respect for the traditions and techniques of classic brewing coexist with a spirit of constant experimentation, innovation and collaboration, leading to delicious beers that showcase seasonality, culinary inspiration, and historic interpretation.
Expect beers that range from intensely flavored to subtly nuanced; that offer something distinctive and satisfying for every palate and every plate; and that reflect equally the past, present, and future of genuine craft brewing. Soon, the brewery will begin shipping beer to carefully selected restaurants, bars, and retail outlets throughout the region.        
The Arsenal, Bluejacket’s home restaurant and bar, features a constantly rotating selection of twenty bluejacket beers and five bluejacket cask ales, all poured at the appropriate temperature, and most available only on-site. Our menu updates, refines and extends the classic fare of beer halls and public houses and features the best locally sourced products available.
The space that Bluejacket occupies is as distinctive as the brewery itself. Built in 1919, the building – known as the boilermaker shops – was part of the Navy Yards ship and munitions manufacturing complex, and it is one of the few true industrial buildings remaining in Washington, DC. We hope you find it as inspiring as we do as we add a new, very different chapter to its history.  

From its inception, Bluejacket was designed to be a production brewery. When we discovered the old boilermaker building we now inhabit, we fell in love with the space and soon realized that it could fit not only the brewery, but also a restaurant and bar. The Arsenal is the natural complement to Bluejacket. It’s the gathering place for our friends to enjoy our beers in the presence of the elaborate brewing system used to make them, paired with dishes created by our culinary team using local, seasonal ingredients and with the flavor profiles of our beers in mind.

300 Tingey St. SE.,
Washington, District of Columbia, 20003

(202) 524-4862

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March 11, 2017