Certain types of beer are better served in certain styles of glassware to enable you to fully appreciate the quality of the beer. However, this doesn't mean that you'll spoil a beer by pouring into the wrong glass. The glass shape and features can increase the drinking experience such as trapping the aroma, aiding in maintaining large heads, and creating a visual and olfactory sensation.

Glassware is just as important as picking the right beer. Just like when drinking a fine wine or scotch, making the right glass choice improves your overall experience. The proper glass ignites the senses the brewer intended when taking a sip of the beer. The glass itself sets up expectations for each beer. The different shapes and sizes create anticipation even before the beer is poured. Just like each beer is different, each glass conveys a separate experience. If the same beer was drunk from each distinct glass style, each would have its subtle differences in the aromas and flavors. Finding the right glassware in a pub or restaurant can be a problem but if all else fails, ask for the beer to be served in an oversized wine glass. One thing you should do is always pour the beer out of the bottle.

Other Beer Glasses