Stone Coast Brewing Co.

Closed August 2008
Stone Coast Brewing Co.
In 1992, Grant Wilson conceived and built Sunday River Brewing Co., a homey brewpub nestled at the base of Sunday River ski area in Bethel, Maine. That’s two years before Shipyard opened and only six years after Geary’s became Maine’s first post-Prohibition brewery in 1986. Due to popular demand, in 1995 Grant Wilson, one of the owners, founded Stone Coast Brewing Co. in downtown Portland Maine.
Under the stewardship of Grant Wilson, an entrepreneur known for his love of great music, great beer and baseball (specifically, the Red Sox), the Stone Coast Brewing Company experienced a number of important milestones and continues to contribute to the local community. Hounded with requests, initially Stone Coast asked their friends at Casco Bay Brewing to start bottling a few of our brews. In 2003, we got serious and built our own state-of-the-art production brewery right in Portland, complete with a beautiful stainless-steel bottling line. In 2004, we added a one-of-a-kind canning machine and became one of  the first microbreweries in the country to can beer. Another major milestone—one of the Stone Coast beers, Knuckleball Bock, was served in a sports bar which is housed in the basement of Fenway Park—certainly the realization of a dream of Wilson’s (as a Red Sox fan).
Long-time head brewer and all-around good guy Tom Kostovick left and Kevin Watson from the hallowed Seattle craft brewing scene joined the team this fall as our new head brewer.
In August 2008, Stone Coast Brewing Company folded, again Sunday River Brewing was its own entity, having to brew all the beer in house.
23 Rice St,
Portland, ME 04103

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*** Permanently Closed ***

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