Port City Brewing Co.

Port City Brewing Co.
Port City Brewing Co.
Monroe Brewing Co. opened in 1845 in a town just a few miles from the Illinois border. It remains one of the oldest breweries in the nation. The building has been expanded multiple times throughout the years, with newer sections and equipment blending with the original structure. The company has always been privately owned, changing hands 16 times since its founding.
At various points the facility has been known as the Blumer Brewing Co. and Joseph Huber Brewing Co.  The Monroe brewery mostly manufactured its own brands but also did private label and contract brewing. By 2003, Ravinder and Manjit Minhas had become the brewery’s largest customer and the siblings purchased the facility two years later.
The Minhas family retained the brewery’s staff but changed the company’s name. Their willingness to invest in the business propelled Minhas Craft Brewery to become the 10th-largest brewery in the United States. Within 13 years, the company went from making 40,000 barrels a year to 300,000.

The consumers loved the beer so much that they suggested the slogan ‘Damn Good Beer’ and we happily obliged.

1208 – 14th Avenue,
Monroe, WI 53566


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