Gray Brewing Co.

Gray Brewing Co.
In 1856, Joshua C. Gray an Irish immigrant, started a brewing business in Janesville, Wisconsin based on the simple principle of making the very best tasting ales and soft drinks possible. To accomplish this he knew he had to create the best recipes, use only the finest ingredients available, and brew with craftsmen who really care.
Over 150 years and five generations later, the Gray family continues this tradition of offering only the very best in hand-crafted beers and soft drinks. A tradition that has proudly made the Gray Brewing Company one of the oldest family-owned beverage company in the nation.
Today the Gray Brewing Company remains deeply committed to the same enduring principles on which Joshua C. Gray founded the business over a century ago. After all that time, the secret to Gray’s success has remained the same.
Now you can also visit Gray’s Tied House in Verona,  a contemporary version of the traditional tied house that emerged in England during the 18th and 19th centuries. During that time beer was available at two types of public houses (pubs).  A “tied house” owned by a brewery and sold only the breweries beer, or a “free house” a privately owned pub that featured beers from multiple breweries. As the name implies, Gray’s Tied House serves products manufactured by the Gray Brewery and bottling facility in Janesvile, Wisconsin.

Gray’s continues it’s tradition of producing the finest handcrafted beers, ales and sodas in its quaint brewery and bottling facility in Janesvile, Wisconsin.

Gray Brewery
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