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Bricktown Brewery
Downtown Oklahoma City was little more than tumbleweed and cattle …until Bricktown Brewery came to town and in an instant, the whole world changed. Suddenly beautiful people were everywhere; Bricktown Brewery began serving world-class food and beer and the Bricktown district became the hippest neighborhood in the entire state of Oklahoma. Today Bricktown Brewery is more popular than ever and we have expanded across Oklahoma and on to Arkansas and Kansas. We’ve even opened the Bricktown Taphouse & Kitchen in El Paso and Wichita Falls. That’s right, Texas.
It is a well-known fact that brewers are evil little ham-fisted weasels that live in hot underground caves, surfacing from time to time to tend to their beer and hold awkward conversations with the human world. Nevertheless, if you are as obsessed with beer as we are you will find that it is hard to live without them. Our weasels do good work. Great work. As an interesting aside, Bricktown Brewery is the only brewery in North America to boast having two brewers without a beard.
When you think of Bricktown Brewery we want you to think of locally brewed craft beer and great food. It says so right on our logo and if you can’t trust a logo well then America is in worse shape than any of us could have imagined. Beer, pizza, burgers and bacon are part of our DNA. Sure, we value good design and we always want to be the friendliest place in town but those things are what industry experts call “intangibles”. You can’t put your finger on intangibles but you can write letters to your mother about beer, pizza, burgers and bacon. You can use descriptive, even flowery language like, “mind-bendingly good” or “a hyper-realistic flavor phenomenon”. Even though those terms aren’t quantifiable, most people will get the idea that you are enthused. To that we can only say, “thank you” because your enthusiasm means the world to us! Seriously. The World.
Bricktown Brewery

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Three Guardsmen - Bricktown Brewery
Single String Stout - Bricktown Brewery
Selection - Bricktown Brewery
Red Rye - Bricktown Brewery
Old King Kolsch - Bricktown Brewery

1 N. Oklahoma Ave.,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104


(405) 232-2739

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March 26, 2016