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414 Pleasant Street, Beloit, WI 53511
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First Visited: April 12, 2021

Cheez Head Brewing is a craft brewery located in Beloit, Wisconsin. The brewery has become a local favorite, known for its delicious beer, welcoming taproom, and unique branding that celebrates the state’s love for cheese. The history and origin of Cheez Head Brewing is closely tied to the history of craft beer in Wisconsin and the state’s long-standing tradition of brewing excellence.

Tom Morgan was born and raised in Beloit, Wisconsin, and from a young age, he developed a deep appreciation for the rich history and culture of the state. Growing up surrounded by the iconic dairy farms and cheese factories that Wisconsin is known for.

Tom’s interest in brewing beer began during his college years, where he experimented with homebrewing in his dorm room. As he delved deeper into the craft, he realized that brewing beer allowed him to combine his love for Wisconsin’s cheese culture with his passion for creating unique and flavorful brews.

When the opportunity arose to start a brewery in Beloit, Tom jumped at the chance. He wanted to create a brewery that celebrated everything he loved about Wisconsin, from the state’s rich brewing history to its love of cheese. He also wanted to create a welcoming, family-friendly taproom where people could come together to enjoy great beer and good company.

The name “Cheez Head” was inspired by the state’s nickname, “America’s Dairyland,” and the beloved Green Bay Packers, whose fans are known as “Cheeseheads” for their signature cheese-shaped hats.

From the beginning, Tom wanted Cheez Head Brewing to reflect the spirit of Wisconsin. He focused on using local ingredients, including malt from nearby barley farms and hops sourced from Wisconsin growers. This commitment to local sourcing not only supported local agriculture but also ensured that Cheez Head Brewing’s beers had a distinct regional character.

CheezHead offers a range of small-batch unique beers with other Wisconsin favorites mixed in initially thanks to brewing done by Brewfinity in Oconomowoc. In the spring of 2020 brewing started on-site in the “brew room”  an area that’s connected to a special event space.

Cheez Head Brewing quickly gained a loyal following in Beloit and beyond. Tom’s dedication to quality and creativity allowed him to develop a diverse lineup of beers that appealed to a wide range of palates. From classic styles like pilsners and stouts to experimental brews infused with Wisconsin cheese and other unique ingredients, Cheez Head Brewing became known for its innovative and delicious offerings.

As the brewery grew in popularity, Tom expanded the operation, investing in state-of-the-art brewing equipment and a welcoming taproom where beer enthusiasts could gather to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The taproom became a hub of community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride among patrons who appreciated the locally crafted beers and the brewery’s commitment to its Wisconsin roots.

Today, Cheez Head Brewing continues to thrive under Tom’s leadership. The brewery has garnered numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional beers, and its distribution has expanded beyond Beloit to reach beer lovers throughout the state.

CheezHEAD Brewing is a locally-owned and operated brewery located in a historic building in downtown Beloit, WI. We feature our own craft beers and guest taps from Wisconsin’s finest craft breweries. When you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice cold beer, we are your go-to brewing company.

Beers Tried

Raspberry Wheat

Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat

5.3% ABV

Rating: 3.78

A raspberry flavored American Pale Wheat beer.

Dairy Air

Farmhouse Ale – Saison

4.8% ABV

Rating: 3.66

Dairy Air Farmhouse Ale captures the essence of Wisconsin’s agricultural heritage, combining the traditional elements of a saison with local ingredients and flavors.

Dutch Delight

Barleywine – American

9.2% ABV

48 IBU

Rating: 3.71

American style Barley wine, a brew guest brew master Peter Schroder wanted to demonstrate. Big malt forward ale with citrus and some nutty notes.


IPA – American

7.4% ABV

Rating: 3.62

An American IPA with Mango Habanero added.

Holy Cow

Porter – American

5.6% ABV

27 IBU

Rating: 3.73

Robust Chocolate Porter.

New Beloit Hazy

IPA – New England / Hazy

6.8% ABV

20 IBU

Rating: 3.42

First hazy IPA from your favorite local brewery! This hazy IPA is brewed with Moutere hops, creating a versatile aroma including passionfruit and citrus.

Cherry Alvarez

Porter – American

6.5% ABV

Rating: 3.81

Chocolate tart cherries.

State Street Stout

Stout – Oatmeal

6.5% ABV

20 IBU

Rating: 3.64

Oatmeal stouts are known for their smooth and velvety texture, and State Street Stout is no exception. The addition of oats during the brewing process imparts a creamy and luscious mouthfeel, creating a luxurious drinking experience.

Plane Jane

Porter – American

6.4% ABV

Rating: 3.5

This beer exemplifies the beauty of simplicity and pays homage to the classic American porter style.

Roses Are Red Ale

Red Ale – American Amber / Red

5.6% ABV

Rating: 3.58

The beer pours a rich, deep red color, reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly bloomed roses. Its appearance alone is enough to entice beer enthusiasts and captivate their attention.

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