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The Borough Beer Co. & Kitchen

444 S. Park Street, Madison, WI 53715
(608) 467-2843
First Visited: December 11, 2022

The bustling locale of Park Street recently saw a vibrant new presence taking root in its midst – a trendy brewpub that has claimed the spot once occupied by the Rockhound Brewing Co., an unfortunate casualty of the early pandemic days that was compelled to shut shop in late 2020. This sparkling new addition, named Borough Beer Co. & Kitchen, proudly sits at 444 S. Park St., and joyously celebrated its inaugural day on July 1. The establishment’s proud owner, Gaston Solis, supported by a dedicated group of partners, quietly operates behind the scenes to ensure its thriving existence.

With a lot of hard work and meticulous planning, Solis and his team undertook a remarkable revitalization of the former Rockhound premise. The process started with a light redesign, the initial step being the application of a fresh coat of paint all over the place, breathing a burst of rejuvenating energy into it. A pillar was skillfully taken out in a bid to create a more welcoming and airy environment, which in turn resulted in the expansion of the space and facilitated easier movement.

As part of their artistic vision, Solis and his team decided to install modern suspended shelves above the bar, purposely made to exhibit a magnificent array of premium whiskeys. This chic addition infused a hint of elegance and luxury, adding to the overall pleasure for whiskey lovers. In terms of choosing a fitting name for the reimagined venue, inspiration came from a partner’s memorable journey to New York City and the intriguing diversity of Madison’s appealing neighborhoods. Thus, the name “Borough” was chosen, which signifies the fusion of the lively boroughs of New York with the unique charm of Madison’s local communities.

Solis brings a vast experience to the table, having been part of the hospitality industry for many years, and has a diverse array of experiences to his credit. Before dedicating three and a half years to his role at the Edgewater Hotel, Solis sharpened his expertise for nearly ten years at Brocach, making significant contributions to both the Monroe Street and Capitol Square branches of the respected enterprise. The extensive experience he gained from these establishments has provided Solis with a vast reservoir of knowledge and skills, establishing him as a seasoned veteran in the industry.

Currently, all exclusive beers offered at Borough are being brewed off-site in a joint endeavor with Tim “Pio” Piotrowski, the owner and master brewer at Delta Beer Lab. To maintain a steady supply, the brewery has committed to brewing Borough beers throughout the year. These include a Czech pilsner, a New England-style hazy IPA, and a pale ale named The Drake, its moniker inspired by the street adjacent to Borough. The creation of these beers is a collaborative effort between Solis and Piotrowski, their combined endeavor aims at setting the groundwork for Borough to start brewing these beers on-site eventually.

The site of the brewpub is owned by Joe McCormick, the owner of JD McCormick Properties and the mind behind the mixed-use apartment complex named The Dude Abodes apartments, which hosts Borough. The title of the apartments is a quirky homage to the memorable quote “the dude abides” from the cult classic “The Big Lebowski,” where Jeff Bridges’ character is lovingly referred to as The Dude.

A neighborhood brewery with good beer, good food, and good times. Serving comfort food, specialty cocktails, handcrafted house beers, and rotating guest taps. Stop in and enjoy our Crucial Hour Specials, Big Screen TV's, Friday Fish Fry, or a bite to eat for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Beers Tried

The Drake

Pale Ale – American

5% ABV

Rating: 3.50

Amber, malty, seasonable

Roly Soli

IPA – New England / Hazy

6.1% ABV

Rating: 3.58

Hazy, hoppy, citrusy New England style IPA

Crucial Z's Czech Pilsner

Pilsner – Czech / Bohemian

4.8% ABV

28 IBU

Rating: 3.68

Really good. Bready, crisp, nice hop bite.

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